Our track record for delivering high quality energy efficient dwellings in the student housing sector is extensive with a number of returning clients. Our projects consist primarily of city center multiple occupancy residencies with communal leisure and socialising facilities. Our clients offers the most extensive standard features and services across the UK at unrivalled value for money.

Recent Projects

Beech Hill House
Study Inn Group, Exeter

Brotherton House
Study Inn Group, Leeds

Castle Court
Study Inn Group, Cambridge

Coventry Post Office
Barberry Group, Coventry

Eastside Locks
Sisk Construction, Birmingham

Lambert House
Study Inn Group, Nottingham

Market Way
Study Inn Group, Coventry

Reynard House
Study Inn Group, Leicester

Student Accommodation
Hill Partnership, Cambridge

Trinity Square
Helical Retail, Nottingham

Triumph Way
Study Inn Group, Nottingham

University Locks
Alumno Developments, Birmingham

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